Give it away, give it away, give it away now!

We all remember the story of when God had given the Israelites clear instructions after the fall of Jericho to destroy everything in the city, to not take any plunder with them. Unfortunately one man, Achan, thought he knew better and took some of the spoil, some of the idols, for himself. I remember not too long ago I was playing both worlds…one was calling me to escape in work, alcohol, meaningless activities, and lusts….the other was calling me into a deeper relationship with my creator.  No doubt they were clashing like a hot and cold front creating a hurricane within my spirit that nothing was going to calm except the giving up my will and my agenda to my Lord and Savior.  I cannot tell you what a painful experience that was…only those who have gone through something like that know, but it is also a very freeing experience.  The painful part was because I wanted to hold on to the me that lived in this world, the daily drinking, loose language, thoughtless words, provocative clothes, and other lusts, and still wanted a close relationship with God.  Those of you know, divided hearts and God cannot coexist, He will not tolerate such a life!

So what is it that you are holding onto? Daily drinking? A meaningless relationship to fulfill your own needs? A hurtful past? Pirate language? Lust of the eyes? Whatever it is let me encourage you to give it away..loosen your grip on them….let the power of God help you loosen them one by one and replace them with his abounding love and peace 🙂  Until you do your enemies will stand until your idols fall…so, give it away, give it away, give it away now! (Said in my most rappy voice possible lol)

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