“Put up or Change”

I don’t know about you, but the older I get it seems the days just go by so much quicker than they did when I was younger.  I remember when I was younger wanting the days to hurry up…get me to the next pay check, that next Friday night, the next stage in my life. Now, I am wishing for life to slow down, to give me more time with the people God has placed in my life, to give me one more day to make a difference.  These days life puts so much on all our plates it is almost impossible to get your daily to do list accomplished, spend time with your spouse, or let alone spend time with God.  You wonder why so many marriages have difficulty staying together with the schedules many put up with.  I say “put up” with because I have learned through my own time management struggles, we put up with what we are not willing to change. We get so caught up in the day-to-day “stuff” that we forget why we are here…we forget where our real home is…we forget how precious time really is until it is too late.

I remember getting so caught up in this world I stopped hearing “that still small voice,” stopped seeing God’s will for my life, & stopped caring what I was really here for. It was so subtle I didn’t even realize it happened until I looked around and my kids were crying out for love, my marriage was a wreck, my other relationships were strained, and my spirit was dying of thirst! I was a mess, but thank God He doesn’t wait for us to have it all together to take us out of our mess and & clean us up…all it took was for me to turn my eyes toward Him again and only Him, ask for His forgiveness, and follow Him wholeheartedly.  I know, easier said than done, but when you get tired of “putting up” with living the life you’re living and you have this hole that you’re trying to fill with everything you think is going to make you happy and it doesn’t, you turn back to the one thing you know can fill that hole..the One thing you know can bring you peace and make you happier than anything this world has to offer…it is easy 🙂

Now, my to do list is half as long and my days do seem to be bit a slower because I realize I only have one chance at this..one chance to make it right and one chance for it to count for eternity.  I challenge you to re-evaluate your schedule and your life.  What things have your attention that are just taking up useless time? That are making you sin? That are drawing you away from a deeper relationship with Christ? That are drawing you away from the things God has placed in your life to do for His kingdom? Take time to search these questions out and be honest…in the end you will either continue to “put up” with it or put it out of your life!

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim.  In the light of His glory and grace!”

4 thoughts on ““Put up or Change”

  1. Cis,
    Great words of wisdom and a true challenge. Marti and I were just talking about “busy”. Our adjustment tends to be to bow out of something, thinking that will net us more time…when it never does! The only way to “redeem” time is to surrender the very first part of our day to seeking and sitting quietly before God…then the rest of our minutes are infected with his blessings!

    Keep sharing! 🙂

    • I just realized my reply never got posted 😦 Thank you for your words of wisdom,Rex. You of all people know how quickly schedules can get busy…I don’t know how you two do it, but I am glad you do 🙂 I love how you said that… “infected with his blessings!” Don’t be surprised if I use that in one of my blogs…I no doubt will cite you 🙂
      Sharing His Love,

  2. This is awesome look forward to the next message. It is so easy to get busy and not do the important things such as spending time with our Daddy.

    • Thank you so much Candy. It is so easy. The enemy makes it easy 🙂 I know that when I am having a crazy day/week and my flesh is being seen alot more than I would like to see it I realize I haven’t spent as much time as I should have with Him. Thanks for commenting and sharing!

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