“Being unworthy….SIKE!”

Ever meet someone who is just miserable? Who finds fault in everything they see and complains about most everything they encounter in their lives, including the air provided for them daily? I always wondered what was it that made these people so? Their parents, their lot in life, uncomfortable bed, or does it go much deeper than that?

I was given one beautiful truth this morning…God’s love for me is by far the greatest I have ever encountered…more than my husband’s, more than my mother’s, more than my sister’s, and even more than the little ones that surround me most days.  His love is greater, deeper, wider, and what’s more, faithful when I need it in times where I think I don’t deserve it! That was it…the answer to my ponderings about miserable people….”that love”…they truely don’t have a clue about “that love!” It isn’t their fault…no one has ever really told or showed them what real, genuine, die for you, love is! And what is funny I see believers walk around in this world with the same cluelessness of “that love!”

Let me see if I can paint a picture for you as to what my Savior’s love is to me…..imagine handing over your child over to people you know are going to beat him with rods, chains, and whips that have jagged metal pieces that is going to rip his flesh from his beautiful perfect body….handing your child over to people you know are going to spit and urinate on him….handing you child over to people that are going to completely mishandle his “court case” just so they can do away with him quickly…handing your child over to people that are going to eventually hammer 9 inch nails into his wrist and ankles and finally hang him, left to suffocate for the horribleness of fallen man when all you have to do is utter a word to save him, but you don’t……all for the sake of humanity…all because you knew your child taking on that horribleness upon himself would one day allow the people you created to share in the same glory, grace, mercy, and love as your child did before you handed him over….that is my Savior’s love! So many people miss out on “that love” because they have been told one of the greatest lies there is…you are unworthy of “that love!” I am here to tell you in Jesus name you were created FOR “that love” BY “that love” so that you could BE “that love” for a world that is need OF “that love!” There is no greater time to know this…in a world where love is being redefined in such a distorted way!!

My greatest challenge to you today is if you have never experienced “that love” or you once did but have lost it along the way you seek out “that love” in Jesus right now, right where you stand!! He is there and all he has been waiting for is an invitation from you to say I am here! He asks for nothing in return except an open heart so that He may finally fill it with the things He created YOU for!

“May the Lord lead your hearts into a full understanding and expression of the
love of God and the patient endurance that comes from Christ.” 2 Thessalonians 3:5

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