What are you Feeding your Children?

Last couple of days have been busy to say the least with Birthdays, car repairs, and school stuff that it has been difficult to keep my head on straight.  I found myself struggling to stay positive and grounded in the Word as I felt my flesh rising when things seemed difficult.  I was reminded this weekend how crucial it is when things like that happen to stop and hunker down even more in the Word and in praise for the sake of not just myself, but for my children.  I know I keep harping on the whole tongue and speech issue, but it is such a vital tool used to either speak life or death in this world that I feel it is worth one more post.

Let’s just get real honest right now….I am definitely not innocent when it comes to the speech spoken to my children, meaning I have spoken words of discouragement and unfruitfulness in the lives of my children in frustration and anger. “What do you mean, Cis, speaking words of discouragement and unfruitfulness in the lives of our children?” Just as we are to speak words of life into those around us, I feel it is of vital importance to speak those same words into our children on a daily basis.  I am mortified at times when I am in a store and hear the kind of words coming out mouths  of parent’s to their children. The Bible says in Ephesians 6:4 “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” I, myself, have been guilty of that very thing and know as a parent there are times it is extremely hard to stay calm in the craziness of being a parent, but in the midst of our anger or frustration we must have self control with our words. I am learning this daily!

When I was helping out in youth group a while ago I noticed many kids so hungry for love and attention because apparently their parents had not a clue of their need. I had one kid tell me how critical his parents were even when he brought home A’s and B’s, they still found something to complain about and it began to shape him into a young man striving for perfection in himself instead of Christ where it can only be found.  I looked at this motley crew of kids and my heart just broke for them because many had parents so wrapped up in the struggles of this life that they couldn’t see the struggle their own child was having. Or, many had parents more interested on what was on facebook, twitter, or The Voice to pay quality attention to their child’s needs.  These days it seems the kids of this generation are just a nuisance to their parents.  I see the “nuisance” all day long with the complaints from my aquiantances with their “I have to go here, and I have to go there for my kid’s so n’ so.” I know some are just stating what they are doing that day, but others seem to want a “Oh you poor parent…look at all you have to do for your kids.”

I am not here to knock any parent or to come down on anyone.  I know the job of a parent is not easy in no way shape or form with the four I am attempting to raise.  I have my days of wanting to pull my hair out, but have also been convicted of how I speak to my kids and the amount of quality time I spend with them. You alone have the power to speak words of life into your child or words of death that will ultimately shape the kind of person they become.  They ARE the product of their environment.  If your child comes home with mostly A’s and you only comment on the times they have been tardy you need to really check yourself! “C’mon, Cis, there are not parents like that” you say?  Take a look around and you will find the kind of world we are leaving to future generations…from where I sit it isn’t looking all that great, but it can start with one parent.

I have heard two profound statements lately and they are “We are one generation away from the gospel from being extinct if we do not teach our children the Word of God” and “Everyone always talks about leaving a better world for our children, but I say let us leave better children for our world.” It is up to us as parents and no one else, not a school, not television, not a politician, and definitely not our government to help instill Biblical values in our children and to speak life in them!

I challenge you to really take a look at the amount of quality time, and the words you speak to your children.  Are they encouraging and uplifting? Is the amount of time you spend with them quality or is your smartphone or ipad stuck in front of your face? If this is speaking to you please don’t get offended…seek the Lord and get right with not just Him, but your kids…they are “a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!” Psalm 127:3-5

2 thoughts on “What are you Feeding your Children?

    • You were always one that could see when I had an internal struggle or had something heavy on my heart in youth group lol The older I get and more children I have this post really hits home for me…or maybe I am just becoming more aware of the declining parental guidance I see on a daily basis. It really isn’t that hard to see though. Anyone can turn on their nightly news or visit their local high school and see the multitude of kids just crying out for the love and attention they are lacking at home. I can only imagine all that you and Marti must have gone through dealing with the young adults God placed in your life…what an opportunity, yet also such a tremendous burden. If I hadn’t said it before….thank you 🙂

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