Bad Credit? Bankruptcy? No Worries, Mon!

One of the worst feelings in this economy is looking up my bank account and finding out I bouced a check! I despise the feelings of inadequency, of messing up, and most of all owing a debt. I had been getting beat up again by my past and He has never failed when those boxing matches have heard the bell to remind me who I am In Him! This mornings devotion literally brought me to tears as I read in Galatians 2:20 “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” Gosh, if we could just grasp that principle, hold on to those most powerful words every single day, the devil would run and stay on the run!! Specifically from my devotion “Christ in us is like identity theft from the divine, but freely offered, not stolen.  Christ took our place.  We are in Him. We have His name.” His bank account number is the only one God recognizes, not ours!

What an amazing God and what an even amazing Savior.  What a tremendous promise. “We were bankrput, and our credit with God was no good.  We owed an unpayable debt to an infinite lender.  And instead of making us work it off- which we never could have done- or punishing us for delinquency – which we could never survive – He forgave it! Cancelled it. Just tore up the certificate, erased our names off of His books, and put the name of His Son, the One with perfect credit and infinite resources, in our place. Our checks will never bouce again, our charges will never be declined!”

I pray today you will get that principle in your spirit, that when you pray you will pray with the mouth of Jesus, learn with His mind, and worship in His spirit and in His truth! Cast of your inadequency and consider it dead along with the rest of you and take up Jesus who is our sufficiency and our life! Praise you Jesus 🙂


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