Masterfully Masking You

Having sick children isn’t on the top of my fun list and I am sure it isn’t on top of theirs, especially when it is my baby who cannot specifically tell me what hurts. I just have to go with my gut and pray whatever has invaded her body her immune system is strong enough to fight it off! I was reminded though, as I had to give her motrin to keep the fever from getting too high, just how much those pain relievers mask the real symptoms.  It is almost how we sometimes try to mask the real person we are inside to others around us.

Getting right to the punch here, 1 John 2:6 states “Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did.” As usual that statement has profound implications…Walk as Jesus did! “That is almost impossible, Cis,” you say.  Possible, but not easy.  I have said on a number of occasions is it takes a denying of yourself, a daily surrendering of your will and your agenda to Him and asking for His will and His agenda to even take the first step in walking the way Jesus did.  Some are just so caught up in how others will think of them or letting go of the things God has asked you to let go in your life to get to the next best thing He has for you and others just like to keep that mask on, letting others think they are Christlike when in reality they are un-Christlike Christians leading many astray in this world.

I came across a profound piece of truth this morning that nails my point directly “There’s a difference between pretending to be who you’re not and disciplining yourself to be who you ought to be.  The hypocrite will feign holiness with no commitment to it.  But the authentic, sanctified person will embrace God’s call, seek to live it outwardly, and openly confess both the inward struggle to do so and the failures that will inevitably come.” We are not called to be perfect, we are called only to love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our mind, and all your soul and if you do that your heart will line up with your mind and your mind will line up with your actions!  You cannot be a hypocrite and truly walk like Jesus.  Trust me, been there done that, can’t do it! You can mask it only for a time and then the struggle within you gets so unbearable you have to choose which master you will serve…your own sinful nature or the new nature Christ placed in you when you accepted him as your Lord and Savior!

I know I have probably spoken about this before, but I just feel God is calling those who once followed Him, but have fallen back into their old way of life to come back to Him, following Him wholeheartedly, just as He has called me back!  These days of ours are not getting any brighter and I have seen and felt a tremendous call to believers everywhere to gather and really get right with the Lord and to really start living for Him!

I encourage you if you are struggling with “walking as Jesus did” that you lay aside everything that is preventing you from doing that and truly give your struggles over to Him! If you are one of the ones that like to wear masks I pray you cast it off and forever put your mask away so when we all stand before the Lord, which we all will, He will not say “Depart from me, I never knew you.” Not everyone who calls Him “Lord, Lord” will enter the place He has prepared for us!  We must be like Him, as students resemble their teachers, servants resemble their masters, and children resemble their parents…Christians should resemble Christ…who do you resemble?

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