Let the enemy smell you!

Things have surely been simmering in my heart for a while as the Lord has taken me and my family to new and different levels in our relationship with him.  The theme I seem to keep hearing is “He is worthy, he is worthy, he is worthy….” We all get so caught up in this world, I am no exception to this, and fail to remember how worthy He is….worthy of praise, worthy of conversation, worthy to listen to our problems, worthy to just be and be still.

One thing I am learning as He puts me in the fire is the more I call Him worthy, shout out that He is worthy, and portray His worthiness through my life the enemy flees. “Um, how do you portray Jesus as worthy?” Trusting Him with everything and speaking about His goodness to everyone and I don’t mean just trusting Him with the big things in life, but all the little things.  It use to be very hard for me to trust Him with the big things, but since I started giving Him the big things it has now become second nature to trust Him with all the little things. “What do you mean the little things, Cis?”  Before you do anything, give it to God first! For example, kids start to get sick, thank Him for the times they have been healthy and then pray over them to get better, then give them medicine; an unexpected bill comes in, thank Him for the times He has provided and give it God, then go to work; you stress over a certain friendship or family relationship, thank Him for the people He puts in your life and give them to God, then pursue that relationship with an unconditional love! He is worthy of all the little things just as much as the big things.  It really is that simple.  I think we just make things so much harder than they have to be that if we just stop and give it to God through prayer everything wouldn’t seem so dramatically difficult 🙂

I want to remind you of just how worthy Jesus is……Ever since I read the book “Heaven is for Real” I have never been able to get out of my mind the fact that when Christ hung on the cross, His heavenly Father had to look away…not just because of the ugliness of sin he carried to the cross, but because it was HIS SON.  How many of you with children could ever sit and watch your child be tortured and then hung on a cross for other people’s wrongdoings? Honestly, heaven help me if a person ever purposely hurts one of my children.  God watched and allowed just that to happen to His Son because He thinks WE are worthy.  Therefore, HE is worthy of everything first in my life before I turn to the secular way of handling things that come my way!

I want to encourage you to look at your worthiness index in your life.  Where is Christ on that index? Is He before and after you go to your friends for help?  Do you go to Him first or the secular ways of handling things, then to Him when they don’t quite work out the way you want? I pray you start looking to Him first for all things and before you know it His worthiness will flow from your pores so much the enemy will flee from your stench 🙂



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