“Let’s do some sacrificing”

As a mother of four it almost becomes entirely habitual to constantly put your children first in everything you do.  They want breakfast as you want coffee, but you make their breakfast before you pour yourself a cup of coffee.  You may need your hair desperately colored, but Christmas is right around the corner so your hair gets put on the back burner.  You need sleep more than you realize, only to find yourself staying awake with your oldest to enjoy the lasting moments of a movie she asked you to watch with her, knowing her asking you to watch a movie will slowly come to an end one day.

All the duties and privileges of a mother, I believe, are part of our genetic makeup.  We sacrificially do these things because Christ placed them there within us and all we needed was have children for them to manifest themselves before us.  “Well, I know some women who do not have the maternal instincts I do and probably should not have children,” you say.  Yes, I too have seen mothers like that as well, but I feel the issue has a lot to do with more than maternal instincts. It has to do with sacrifice.  No matter your upbringing or environment you are in, any woman who have children can be a good mother…it just has to do with sacrifice, serving others, a specific mindset….are you following me?  Christ came to serve, to be a sacrifice to all. Paul speaks of a different kind of sacrifice for us in Romans 12:1 the Bible “I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship.”

I have been giving the world the benefit of the doubt when I think they know the things I know in my heart to be true when in fact the world has not a clue about the things of God and His ways.  With a new year upon us  I thought what better way to start it off by offering my body as a living sacrifice of worship. Being part of a praise and worship team I sometimes think of worship as words and songs that come from my mouth, but Paul is referring to a sacrificial way of living that acknowledges every moment of every day that there is One far more worthy of our allegiance than ourselves! Can you imagine living like that every moment of every day?

Whether you are a mom, dad, sister, brother, or whatever, the same sacrificial living is inside of you as well, but you must have a mindset of serving and be prepared to be placed at His alter every morning sacrificing your own agenda and your own will, asking for His will and His agenda in your life.  If you do this every morning I promise you will go through your day mindful of whose you are, living in the light of who He is, sacrificing your life in true worship…and kicking the enemies agenda to the curb!   So, let’s get kicking 🙂

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