God’s Return Policy

How many of us have friends that seem to always have the same problems and when you give them your advice they seem to be able to find every excuse imaginable not to take the advice you have given them? Or they listen, but doubt what you say would benefit their problems?  Better yet, how many of us have asked God for a solution to a problem we are facing only to reject His answer because it doesn’t align with what we think the solution should be, we make excuses on why we can’t accept His solution, or we doubt His solution would benefit our circumstances.

When we ask for God’s solution as an option to consider rather than a command to obey we are placing our intellect above His.  When He answers us with His solution and we reject it with our excuses, we are making the mistake of thinking he is only giving us suggestions to consider instead of solutions to be implemented. God’s solutions to our problems do not come with a return policy.  He doesn’t have a 90 day guarantee because our Creator doesn’t offer second-rate plans.  His first plan is always the right one!

I remember praying about something and giving God the “If you want me to do this then this will happen, but if you want me to do this then this will happen.” God must have been scratching His head on that one.  In James 1:6 the Bible states “When he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.” I was being blown and tossed by the wind with my circumstances and my prayer should have been said in faith that God would do what I asked without all the frilly “if you want me to do this then this will happen” stuff. Along with praying in faith we also need to be committed to heed to His instruction before he even gives them, knowing that He has our best interest at heart!

I want to encourage you set your heart and mind to heed His solutions and instruction before they come.  Don’t allow the enemy to even whisper a syllable of doubt!  Decide today that when solutions come, and they will, you commit to His way and not allow one ounce of excuse to rise up within you so that you are not blown or tossed by the wind.

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