What “mindedness” are You?

As the sparkle of Christmas is fading and the New Year is upon me I am taking inventory of “to do” lists, bank accounts, and my time management.  My last three devotions and divine appointments with those in my life seem to have echoed a theme running in my spirit….kingdom minded, kingdom minded, kingdom minded.  Kingdom huh? It is the way you set your mind, therefore setting your life.  You can set your mind and life with the things of this world or you can set your mind of the kingdom of God. 

Everyday we are here on this earth we have a chance to live it through the eyes of the world or through the eyes of God.  For example, a long time friend offends you…you can either react the way the world would react by calling them names, slandering them to others, and keep unforgiveness in your heart, poisoning your own heart, or you can take the kingdom road and react first with prayer, and obeying with what the Holy Spirit directs you do to.  I see so many people react with their flesh and not with their spirit and before you know it the whole situation is dramatized times ten when just the humbling of yourself, burying you pride would have defused the whole situation in the first place.  This is just one small example of many that when we react and live “carnal mindedness” instead of “kingdom mindedness” we, as believers, leave a very bad taste in the mouths of non-believers.  Well, how do we become “kingdom mindedness” Cis? Glad you asked 🙂

Life gets us so busy with things that are so meaningless and are such distractions that we forget to take the time needed to renew our minds, tame our tongues, and keep our spirit in check with scripture.  When we take the time needed for those things there are three radical things that take place . We will begin to understand our time, our treasures, and our talents completely differently. I have learned through my devotional that this takes diligence that will search His Word, seek His guidance, cooperate with His plan, receive His correction, and wait patiently for His providence.

I want to encourage you that if you have lost sight of being kingdom mindedness and have lost yourself in the world again that you come back to the cross, letting your mind be transformed and your life renewed in His likeness over and over.  It is a lifelong process that will only be finished when you are brought into His presence….oh what a day that will be 🙂  I pray you never settle for carnal mindedness, but that you strive upward to His kingdom mindedness and that you never lose sight of the upward calling of God out of the ways of this world and into the heart of His will for you life!



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