Burger King…Having it your way, huh?

Not many of us, especially if you are a woman like to hear the word submit or submission.  At least in my generation we were taught to think for ourselves, a woman can do any job a man can do, and we don’t need a man to take care of us.  The word submit carries such a negative tone in our culture that many look at you funny when you even bring up the topic. The definition of this “taboo” word is: the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.

As a woman who desires, yearns, and seeks, the will of the Father, submit is at the very heart of it. In my early years of marriage, I never really gave the word submit much thought but as I continue to grow in the Lord I realize just how important this word means.  There was a time I had fought, resisted, and even down right rebelled against that word for many years. It wasn’t the word that bothered me so or even the act of submitting, so I thought.  I mean, if my husband wanted me to make him dinner, I would, besides I had to eat too.  Or, if my mom asked me to get her something at the store, I would go, I had to get something for myself anyways….that’s submission, right? Little did I know, I had no idea what submit truly meant, especially what it meant in my walk with the Lord.

I was in for a rude awakening when I was hit with this huge truth, almost like a meteor coming through the starlit sky with my name on it.  Of course I was okay with the word, because I really didn’t know what it really meant until the Lord kept hitting me with things He wanted out of my life.  He kept asking me to give this up and that up and I kept holding on to them, not submitting, as if they were priceless jewels and that my life would be better with them.  The Lord made it almost impossible to live with myself. It was as if this very scripture had taken siege of my life “Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you. Accept instruction from his mouth and lay up his words in your heart.” Job 21:22 It was an almost daily look in the mirror of the things I knew I was holding back, clinging to and not submitting to Him.  I don’t really know how it happened, perhaps it was time spent in the Word or praying, but I began to trust God, letting these things go in my life that He repeatedly kept gently asking me to let go.  The more I let go, submitting to His will, the more I began to feel freer and the more His blessings of peace, love, and joy began to fill my life.  My relationship with my husband went to a whole new level.  As I submitted to God, I began to submit more to my husband. I began to see a change within myself that honestly, really shocked me.  The things I had normally fought my husband on or disagreed with were now a non-issue.  I felt I had finally understood the meaning of submission! It wasn’t compromising as I told myself over the years, submission was not having my way all the time….and you know what? The world actually didn’t end when I didn’t get my way 🙂

I remember reading in 1 Peter 3:1-5 “Wives, in the same way submit yourselves to your own husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives, when they see the purity and reverence of your lives. Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to adorn themselves.” That last sentence just struck me as awesome! Those women adorned themselves with a submitting heart, a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight! I know that contradicts our world, but we are not of this world 🙂

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean wives are to lay down and be walked on or be forced to submit…not at all! Submitting to someone else should not be something that’s forced on someone. It must be their choice to willingly yield to another out of love. If you are forcing yourself to submit the blessing will not come.  It is almost like the joyful giver that the Lord loves so much.  He wants someone to submit willingly, not out of duty or with hidden motives. In Ephesians 5:21 the Bible says “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.”

Biblical submission is all about love. That is what Christ did for us on the cross.  He willingly gave himself, submitted His will to the Father’s will.  If we are to be like Jesus, then His example is exactly what we should follow!

I want to encourage you if the Lord has been speaking to you about things that you need to rid your life of, or things He has specifically been asking you to do, submit! The blessing of submission far out weighs having your way all the time! Trust in His will, obey His Word, and submit to the One who holds your future!

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