Move the Gospel Challenge Day 5

Well, day 5 and I realize to some this challenge is really no big deal.  I mean, whoop tee doo, so I write verses on index cards with a phrase from the scripture and leave it on car windows….some challenge. Easy for someone like me, who has supposedly been called as a missionary to preach the gospel to those who have never heard…wrong! Its easy for someone like me who is completely and utterly bankrupt without the love of Christ, who has experienced a grace and love that has captured my heart and life in such a way that I will never be the same and can not be silent knowing the kind of life I live can be lived by others…and so on day five, I press on….

I had to work today so my husband could get to a doctors appointment.  Our restaurant is in a strip mall accompanied by the Dollar Store, Planet Fitness along with other stores catered to our community’s needs. Before I headed to the back of the strip mall to park, I was already aware the Lord wanted me leave an index card with someone before work so I slowly approached the Dollar Store’s parking lot, parked and began to pray.  I only had three index cards with me today and as I looked at each one, I was reminded immediately of a post by a friend of mine wrote that morning on Facebook that said “There are about 5,000 gods worshipped by humanity, Jesus is the simplest, most powerful and only true God.” I knew then, that seeing that before I left for work wasn’t a coincidence. See, the index card I kept struggling to leave was Acts 4:12 “Salvation is found in no one else.  There is no other name under heaven, given to men, by which we must be saved.” On the very top of this index card, I wrote “There is no other Name.” I have no problem voicing that to anyone who asks, but most the time when I am voicing that statement, it is to people who know the work Jerry and I do in Cape Verde or it is 6000 miles away on foreign soil, testifying to someone face to face of who this amazing Savior is, not to a complete stranger who may or may not have preconceptions of who Jesus is…leaving this verse was a struggle for me and I know if I didn’t leave it, I was being disobedient. Please let me be clear, it wasn’t a struggle because I don’t believe there is no other name under heaven by which men can be saved, but because it is a very strong statement for the kind culture we live in and I have no idea the impact leaving that kind of scripture would have on someone in this culture. I am grateful, though, for Isaiah 55:11 that reminds me in my doubting that God’s Word does not return empty, but goes out and achieves the purposes for which it was sent!

So, after I prayed, I looked up and my eyes fell upon this scooter.  It was dusty, and looked like it had a lot of miles on it.  I thought to myself that there was no way I could leave one on there, I would be right in the open, right where everyone could see…fear began to creep in and my heart rate increased a bit. Again, a scripture came to mind…about denying me before men and I will deny you before my Father. I pushed that fear aside and set my heart on what He has called me to do.

move the gospel challenge 7

I am realizing this challenge has much to do with chiseling more things out of my life that is hindering the purposes He has for me, allowing me to confront fears, doubts, and insecurities each day that He brings me to leaving these scriptures with strangers. I can only hope I am aware and discerning enough to pick up on which things He wants to chisel off.

I leave you with “God’s Chisel”

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