Move the Gospel Challenge Day 6

Having to leave an index card in front of my children and take a picture of it allowed me to evaluate my motives and agenda in doing this challenge.  My oldest loves to point out my flaws, which I have many, but today she gladly pointed out that taking a picture of these cards and using them in my blog is, in her opinion, boasting.  I believe she attempted to quote the scripture in Matthew 6:5 when Jesus speaks of praying in secret, not like the Pharisees who do it in plain sight and she is right, without a doubt.  We shouldn’t parade our good deeds for all to see, but we should surely parade His goodness within our lives.  Saying that, my motives behind this challenge are definitely not, “look at me”…and if that is what is portrayed, please forgive me.  At first, as He was leading me to do this, I felt this was surely a way to encourage complete strangers on a daily basis, attempting to get people out of their comfort zones and challenge them to do the same. Then, as I began to blog about it, I realized this challenge was more about taking me out of my comfort zone and taking inventory of my daily comings and goings…who I saw, where I went, what did I see, and how would I respond to what I saw?  Would I just put my head down and plow through my day, keeping His Hope inside me or would I really start looking for opportunities to encourage complete strangers with this Hope on a daily basis in real life situations?  If you really know me, then you know I just can not, NOT share the Hope that I have…it is just not possible anymore! So, onto day 6…

Busy day for this mom of four, restaurant owner, and short-term missionary as we got to meet with a couple who desired to know more about what we do in Cape Verde.  If there is ever a time my face has a permanent smile it is when I am talking about where God is working and the opportunity we have to join Him where He is working! As time ran short, we had to quickly get to our kids and then to the restaurant so I could get payroll in before a certain time. So I found myself unable to leave any cards in my comings and goings this afternoon and I thought I’d just have to try again tomorrow, no big deal if I skipped a day.

Seems God wasn’t having that and so after church we headed to the mall to grab some supper for the kids since this mom failed to plan out her day properly.  I was happy in the thought I had been given the opportunity to leave a card, hoping that perhaps it would be left on the window of someone who might had just watched “Woodlawn” and needed that extra encouragement, but I will really never know.  Thankfully, because His ways and his plans for my day were not my own, I was able to, even in my busyness and in my poor planning, He directed my steps to be able to encourage in the least likely of places in my day…the parking lot of a movie theater 🙂

move the gospel challenge 9

Where have you left encouragement? I would love to know!  Or am I the only crazy one that is doing this? It wouldn’t be the first time lol 🙂

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