Move the Gospel Challenge Day 8

Well, due to not quite feeling well, I had to take a break for a couple of days on this challenge, but glory be to God, after prayer and resting, I am much better and pressing forward with what He has called me to.  Even with not feeling so well, I was able to leave an index card when I picked up my kids from school on Friday.

As I laid in bed and prayed, a thought came to my mind of how I was going to be able to go through with the challenge on that day.  When I realized there was no l way I would be able to write about it, I set my mind that I would at least leave the index card with someone and just write about it later.  Having to get out of bed to get my kids from school was the only challenge I could have handled that day.  As I drove to pick them up all I could think about was how bad I felt and how I couldn’t wait to get back in bed.  I am not sure how or even why my thoughts got re-directed, but I began to think how much worse someone else has it.  I passed an oncology office on my way to my kid’s school and my thoughts rested on what my stepdad went through in the last part of his life.  I remember watching him after his treatments and not being able to even visit him because of all the morphine in his system due to all of the pain he was in.  I remember watching him take his last breath on this earth….no matter how bad I was feeling it was quickly pushed aside and I had made up my mind on where I was going to leave this next index card.

With the kids in tow, I went straight to the parking lot of that oncology office and parked.  Quickly prayed as the kids were not being as cooperative as I had liked and I was concerned my stomach wasn’t going to quite hold up to its’ part of the bargain of staying put for the car ride.  I slowly got out of the van, and placed the card on the window, jumped back in the van and got back home.

move the gospel challenge 10

You know, the sufferings we face in this life are nothing compared to what those will suffer in eternity without Christ.  We are given an incredible opportunity everyday to be an encouragement and share the love of Christ to those placed in our path.  I pray we don’t miss out on them, even in our own sufferings.  I had a sister-in-Christ pass away recently from cancer and she used every opportunity she was given to share the gospel, even led her home nurse to Christ in her final days on earth.  Even in her suffering, from this fatal form of cancer, she was giving it all for the cause of Christ.  I can only hope and pray I am that strong and brave for the cause of Christ as she was in her final hour.

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