Move the Gospel Challenge Day 9

Well, talk about not giving up! Mondays are usually me trying to catch up from the weekend with laundry, grocery shopping, and other domestic engineering duties.  At times I look forward to them as much as someone looks forward to a root canal, but today was pretty awesome because I GOT CAUGHT!!

My first task for the day was to replenish the pantry and so off to Wally World I went.  I found a descent parking spot for a Monday and once again scoped out the parking lot.  It was quite busy as many seemed to be thinking along the same lines as myself to get in and out early.  I watched a woman in an exercising outfit get out of her car with a cigarette out of her mouth and blow smoke into the wind.  I heard an ever so quiet whisper of “that one.”  So, without any hesitation, I grabbed my purse, my 3 year old, along with the index card for that day and headed for her car.  As I tried to place the index card in between her window, the index card bent and I couldn’t find that spot that most cars have to be able to place paper between.  All of a sudden a woman came up behind me and said “How about try this” and she took the index card and tried to help me.  I was at first, startled and then just shocked that someone was stopping to help me leave a note on someone’s car.  Her method worked and I thanked her. She accepted my gratefulness and went on her way.  Something just kinda took over inside of me and I yelled out at her to get her attention and asked her if I could take her picture and began explaining what the note was all about.  She looked at me, smiling and was in agreement….”a person of peace”, I thought!

move the gospel challenge getting caught

A person of peace, indeed,  just as I was taught in Cape Verde!  My heart was so full and I was shocked at myself in the fact that I was so vocal about what I was doing, unashamed at what He was calling me to do on this local mission field.  After doing this challenge for almost 10 days, it was incredibly encouraging to find a person of peace.  I found myself singing a little louder in the aisles of Wally World and intentionally looking directly in the eyes of those I past, making sure they saw the big smile on my face 🙂  Mondays are not so bad as they seem…a little encouragement, persons of peace, and grocery shopping all rolled into one.  Yes, I think I can handle that!

move the gospel challenge 11

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