Move the Gospel Challenge Day 10

I know some of you might be feeling a little cheated from yesterday’s blog, thinking that I didn’t really “get “caught,” because I am sure most of you thought I got caught by the person I was leaving the card for.  Regardless, I did get caught, but thankfully from a person of peace who not only helped me encourage someone, but surely encouraged me as well!!  So, today, after spending sometime in His Word, I felt a certain scripture grab my attention. I felt I needed to make sure I really heard from the Lord in where this one would be placed and so I prayed a little longer than normal.

I had many errands to run throughout my day.  I entered the parking lot of where my first errand was and parked there for a moment and just began to pray, asking Him to please guide me and clearly show me if this was the parking lot I was to look to leave this card.  After I prayed, I kept quiet and as I focused on just listening, the lyrics of the song I was listening to sung “So we wait, we wait for you.” I opened my eyes and just smiled realizing this wasn’t the time or place He wanted me to leave it.  Now I know some might be saying “Really?  That’s how you decipher the Lord’s guidance? Song lyrics?”  With all that I have been through in my life, I have come to recognize how the Lord speaks to me, but more importantly, I have come to know how incredibly sovereign my Savior is in my everyday life. If He knows I am waiting on Him to act and I pray for wisdom for guidance in that action, He is going to provide the wisdom I seek, according to His Word in James.  It is up to me to prepare my heart to hear and be aware of when He speaks.  So, knowing I needed to wait, I went on with my day and continued with the rest of my errands which led me to another part of town.

My son had broken his glasses and I needed to get them repaired.  I knew this earlier in the day and thought about the area in which I would be going later and lifted up a prayer for anyone who might need this encouragement in that part of town.  As I entered the parking lot, I began to scope out all the cars and those coming and going. I saw an SUV next to me, but I heard quietly “wait.” Something just told me this was not going to be a car that had already been there, but one that would soon pull up. Sure enough, there was one parking spot left and a bright, deep, blue car pulled up and parked.  I patiently watched as this woman got out of the car, limping ever so slightly to find a cart. “There, that one,” I heard, “in this life she has had trouble.” As she made her way into the grocery store, I grabbed the index card and my 3 year old and started for her car.  Hoping not to be startled like yesterday, I looked around before I placed the card between her window and noticed a man sitting on the curb under the shade of a tree, watching me.  With cars zooming through the parking lot, I pressed my daughter close to me. I found the nitch between the window to hold the card firmly in place and then darted off towards the eye doctor office.  As I opened the door to the office, I glanced back behind my shoulder to see if that man was still there, but he was no where in sight.

move the gospel challenge 11

I have wondered in the last ten days of this challenge if this is really making a difference, if any of this is really making an impact on individual lives, but more importantly, is this making an eternal impact.  I won’t know of the eternal impact, if any, on this side of heaven, but I can honestly say, the more I press on in this challenge, coming out of my comfort zone, I am beginning to feel a boldness that I haven’t had before and more of a desire to daily share His Word in the lives of those God places before me.  Can’t wait for tomorrow 🙂

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