Move the Gospel Challenge Day 11

If there is anything this challenge is helping me do, it is definitely helping me to not get consumed and distracted with all that is going on in our culture.  There were days a while back, before Christ captured my heart, I would get so frustrated with the issues brought up within our culture and spend too much time being bothered by how people felt about a certain subject.  I have learned, thankfully, how important Hebrews 12:2 really is to a believers walk with the Lord.  Fixing our eyes on the author and perfecter of our faith is such an incredibly important discipline as we navigate through our days in this life.  One misstep off the path He has chosen for us or one time we take our eyes off Jesus and the results could be detrimental to our walk with Him. Some people take it so lightly, as if it is not that big of a deal that they wander off a bit or place Him on the back burner until they get their life “in order” themselves.  I already been there, done that, and let me tell you, the t-shirt wasn’t worth it! So, fixing my eyes on Him, I press on to day 11 in this challenge.

My husband was off today so we were able to go and visit his 93 year old grandmother who is in hospice care, but gratefully, in the comfort of her own home.  I don’t think many like to think about their loved ones moving on from this life, but it is part of life and so we have to face it at one time or another.  For me, it is always easier to handle end of life situations when you know the person has had a daily personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I remember when my step-father was dying of cancer and it became clear I needed to pray and be somewhat of an instrument in sharing the gospel with him one way, shape, or form.  He already called me a “walking Bible” so it would be no surprise to him that I would at least attempt to share with him.  My husband and I tried twice, but he stopped us each time reassuring us that he would not be one of those people who would come to Jesus just because he was dying…he wanted it to be sincere and genuine.  I honored that and prayed fervently for his salvation.  As I sat there watching him take his last breath on this earth, I was grateful he wasn’t in any pain anymore in this life, but I yearned to have confirmation of his final destination.  I prayed the next couple of days for this and the Lord answered me through my devotion and later through the hospice nurse and mom who told me they came around the corner of his room and heard him call out to Jesus.  After reading in Romans 10:11, I am confident I will see him again.

Our visit with my husband’s grandmother went well.  We ran short of time and had to go pick up the kids from school, prep dinner, and head off to Wednesday night activities at church.  Before I knew it, the day was practically finished and I had not accomplished day 11 of this challenge.  Luckily, my children could not live without their weekly run for ice cream after church and so we stopped in at a Winn Dixie to pick some up.  As we entered the parking lot, I saw a family of 5 getting out of their truck and begin walking towards the automatic doors of the grocery store.  Without hesitation, my heart quietly whispered “There is day 11.”  As my husband headed for the door to the grocery store, I headed to the door of their truck, wedging the card the best I could between the window.

move the gospel challenge 12

I am always amazed as I can go into a room and forget what in the world I went into the room to begin with, but have not forgotten one day to do this challenge.  I am praying when this challenge is said and done, leaving index cards on peoples windows will be so ingrained in my daily life that it becomes just part of what I do when I go out from my home onto the mission field. So, instead of it just being written over the door frame of my home, it is actually something I do everyday 🙂

move the gospel door

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