Up to my old Shenanigans

I was reminded by a comment posted on my blog that I hadn’t written in quite a while. I skimmed through the last time I posted on my blog and got taken back 8 months ago when I was doing the “Move the Gospel” challenge. It brought me back to a place where I was intentionally leaving index cards with scriptures on them on random peoples cars. Perhaps random to me, but perfectly planned by the Holy Spirit. I have to admit, I felt convicted re-reading some of the blogs, realizing I wasn’t doing that anymore, but then I was lovingly reminded by the Holy Spirit how that challenge led me to the next thing He had for me…literally sharing the gospel w/my mouth! Interesting how something like that helps prepare you for the next step, almost like God chiseling off that kind fear to get you to step on the next stepping stone He has laid out before you.

So, tonight as I had to stop at the grocery store, with the “Move the gospel” challenge fresh in my mind and a scripture strategically placed in my purse, I did whatever an up to no good girl like me would do…went back to my old shenanigans, placing an index card in the window of the car next to me.


I don’t know why I stopped as it brought me such joy especially seeing the man who got into this car stop & read the scripture.

I want to encourage you if the Lord is telling you to do something, even if it is just something small, do it! There is a reason for it & a blessing behind it 🙂



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