Every Step….

It certainly has been quite a bit since my last entry.  Much going on in this heart of mine as time seems to be ticking away. Time stands still for no one and I find myself looking around at these children of mine who continue to grow quite rapidly.  Yes, I know that is what they do.  I am beyond grateful to have been given a second chance at being their mom, sober this time…that God has redeemed the time with them and I am able to impact them for eternity’s sake.

If you have at all followed the anchored life, you would know I am perhaps extreme to some and probably down right radical to others.  I am learning to not apologize for that anymore and to live in the light of eternity as Jesus and His disciples did.  In doing that my time, talent, and treasures are spent much different than most, not to mention, my perspective, is well, different.  That perspective causes me to choose obedience over comfort, at times, obedience over good standing with the world, most of the time, & obedience over what the world tells me I should do, all the time.

We, as believers, are to preach the gospel to ourselves, reminding us of what Jesus saved us from…eternal separation from Him.  That is truly one of the only things that wrecks me…for God so loved Cissy.  Five words that changed my life forever and continues to shape and mold me in ways I never thought were possible. As I step into things that aren’t comfortable and that are contradictory to the worlds ways, I am finding such joy and such peace that its almost comical.  I am finding joy and peace with every step of obedience…not always easy, but I am finding them.

There is a song by Jesus Culture “Where You Go, I Go” that with every step I “go”  and every step that gets me down on my knees strengthens my perseverance to run this race with the endurance and joy given only by a Holy and awesome God that desires me to finish what He started…and that is to share the gospel with as many as I can and to make disciples who make disciples.  There is a phrase in the song that states :
“When every move that Jesus made was in surrender.”  I cannot help but think that should be how we ought to live…every step Jesus made, led Him to the cross, surrendering His rights and His life for the sake of others…its a radical way of thinking, again, contradictory to the worlds ways, yet that is exactly what Jesus did.

I challenge you to look at the things in your life that you are still holding onto and not surrendering to Christ…you know what they are.  Instead of every step leading you to a place of surrender, it leads you to your own devices of trying to do things your way as you try to maintain the perceived control you think you have.  Take that step…surrender!

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