Where is your “Great Commission?”

The last couple of days there has been an influx of things flooding my mind and heart…from broken marriages, answered prayer within marriages, our new home being built, Jerry’s trip to Africa, to my little one taking her first couple of steps.  Needless to say it has been an exciting first of the year for us as we really start to grasp this new world of missions.  I find everyday as we get closer to Jerry leaving American soil there is an earnest passion rising up inside me…as if I will be tagging along in his luggage. As we see God answering our prayers for people to partner with us in this vision, I am overwhelmed and humbled at this mighty call He has called us to.

I wanted to use this entry to share what Jerry and I are actually part of and how God orchestrated this entire plan.  Rex Briant, the man who founded the organization that Jerry will be going to Africa with and who joined us together in marriage 15 yrs. ago, was my youth pastor during my high school years.  We lost contact through the years, but with Facebook, re-connected about two and a half years ago as Jerry and I were right in the middle of the battle for our marriage. Through God’s grace we came out of it with a better understanding of what God intended for our marriage and ready for whatever God had next for us.  It is amazing to me how you end up going through something you think is going to destroy you, only to find out what you thought was going to destroy you not only made you stronger, but gave you a perspective on life you never had before!  With God’s perfect timing that next thing was bigger than we ever imagined.  As our marriage was continuing to heal, God told Jerry to sell our only source of income, a little cafe we had owned for eight years which pretty much ran itself.  How many people do you know finally get their business exactly the way it should be to where you barely have to work it and still make great money all to just have God say…”Okay, now let it go!” Well, that is the kind of God we serve.  Rex came for a visit in February of last year and had the chance to meet up with us.  It was there where Rex shared the vision God had given him for missions, his own heart, and it was there where something was lit on fire in the two of us…a passion to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Before he left we partnered with him financially because we felt if we couldn’t  “go” we would in a different way.  As we waited for the restaurant to sell Jerry was entering seminary.  Only through God’s timing,  and our patience and prayer we sold the restaurant after it being on the market for almost a year and half closing that chapter in our lives to enter a new one.  Not knowing we had just sold the restaurant, Rex emailed Jerry and I regarding prayer for his organization and the mission teams he felt God was bringing together. He he mentioned he felt Jerry & I part of the upcoming one, but was unsure because he still thought we owned the restaurant. As I read the email, all I heard in my spirit was “Go, go, go…this is the time, this is the time.” After Jerry and I prayed it was clear God was sending one of us to join Rex on one of the mission teams.  Rex had mentioned our destinies crossing in the future, but he didn’t know it would be this soon, but God knew 🙂

“So, what exactly is this organization? This vision?” Thought you would never ask 🙂 It is called Global Mission Strategies, a non-profit, global church planting and training organization.  Everyday they seek to identify under reached areas of the world to plant churches in cooperation with God, working alongside Believers to reach their own Nation. We connect resources and manpower with needs. Our goal is only doing that which can be re-produced by local Believers in any given field.  This isn’t “missions as usual.”  This is visionary missions where you are planting churches, not just building a church in hopes to fill it one day and having the church lean on the organization financially til they disciple their members to provide financially.  Global Missions Strategies sends the resources, like training manuals, The Word of God, and the people, to disciple the people who will be God’s church.  I have heard the statements before “We have a mission field right here at home. Why not just do that here?” Well, we should all be doing that everyday where ever we live! There should be no question as to where our “mission field” is whether it be in your home, your school, your place of work, and most definitely your extracurricular activities!  I will say though in Matthew 24:14 says “this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” So every time we share the gospel it brings us one day closer to the Lord’s coming! That my friends is pretty exciting stuff 🙂

I want to encourage you that if you are not involved in some type of mission organization to get involved in one whether it be through prayer, financially, or getting first hand experience on the mission field in another nation.  Jesus said in Matthew “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations” and in Mark he also says “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” If you cannot experience the mission field in another nation then partner prayerfully and financially.  My pastor pointed out recently that the United States makes up 75% of the missionaries in the world which is why he feels is one of the reasons the United States has been such a blessed nation…that and being an ally of Israel.  Be part of that 75% and decide in your heart to be kingdom minded and I promise you will start to see that you are part of a bigger picture than you realize!

For more information about Global Mission Strategies click on the link and be introduced to “The Great Commission.”  www.globalmissionstrategies.org

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